Course Description

The Working at Height course covers safe procedures / techniques to work at height where there are risks, hazards.

The course is useful for designers, facilities managers, employees and employers who have a responsibility for or are involved in Work at Height.

Holders of Working at Height certificates may work in the oil & gas projects, building and maintenance industry or construction sites.

Candidates who pass the examination and assessment will receive TÜV Middle East certificate and ID card.

Failed candidates will receive Certificate of Attendance.

Course Objectives

Ability to define Height of Work

To plan and organize

Able to select right tools and equipment prior to minimize risk levels

Able to conduct a risk assessment of working at height

To know places of working at height

To know duties to avoid risk from fragile surfaces, falling objects and danger areas

Understand the general principles of safety

Understand different types of all fall protection systems and equipment available

Be aware of maintenance and inspection requirements of personnel

Course Outline

  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Risk & Hazards
  • Risk Control Measures
  • Fall Protective Devices
  • Planning
  • Employer / Employee responsibilities
  • Selection of equipment
  • Identifying falling objects
  • Inspection of work equipment
  • Role of Health & Safety Executive
  • Work place requirements
  • Requirements of scaffolding erection
  • Requirements of working platforms, forklift work platforms
  • Guard rails
  • Requirements for collective safeguards for arresting fall
  • Requirements for personnel fall protection systems
  • Requirements for position systems
  • Requirements for ladders
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform
  • Reports & Inspection
  • Risk Assessment Check List

Training Method

Mode of delivery is by powerpoint presentations / videos / interactions and group exercises.

A highly participative course, with theoretical (1/2 Day) and Practical assessment & examination (1/2 Day)

Objective type of questions for written exam which will be in English.

Maximum number of attendees is 10 Persons

Who Should Attend?

  • Potential and existing operators who received no formal instruction and those requiring refresher training.

What they require?

  • To complete a 1 day training program.
  • To pass a written with 80% pass mark (100 objective questions) / practical examination.
  • Should possess the ability to write and read English to the minimum


In house (Client premises)

Transform Knowledge to Skill